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Editorial - 4/22/13

Most parents consider their children to be their own.  You've fed, clothed,  sheltered, loved, nurtured, and educated them, not to mention most-often sharing the same last-name.  So, tradition tells us that, of course, they're yours.  Sadly, it seems, as with our Constitution, that concept, also, is now old-school, according to the utopian-minds of the extreme-left, the folks who're as fun to be with as an agitated-cobra.  You see, in their earth-orbit view, your kids have a new owner.  This new-world pronouncement from a week-end MSNBC host, who informs us that (quote): "…we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents… and recognize that kids belong to whole communities."  Collectivism, the historic adversary of individualism and personal freedom, has long, and correctly, believed that if you control the children, you control the future.

This is the kind of radical-bilge leading ultimately to Communist-style domination.  If your kids aren't yours, then, ultimately, nothing else will be either.  Which is fine, since Goliath-Government knows, far better than dopey-you, how to run your life, care for your health, distribute your wealth, disarm your home, erode your religion, and, of course, educate , make that, indoctrinate, your children.  An all-controlling, repressive bouquet topped-off, then, with an abundance of hand-outs, free-stuff, all for the low, low price of totally surrendering your personal freedoms, through a long, down-hill slide into robotic-servitude, under the iron-rule and whim of the all-powerful central elite.  Exaggerated?  Perhaps.  But open your eyes.  The smothering lava-flow of federal-control is already well under way.

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