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Kmart's 'ship my pants' commercial: Funny or offensive?


The Kmart brand is taking a controversial commercial to the air waves this week.

Almost two weeks ago, the company released an ad that intended to push shoppers to use the company's website for shipping instead of actually going into the store.

The commercial was originally just intended for YouTube, but rumor has it the video will air after 10 p.m. on some channels.

The video has more than 10 millions views.

The ad is has been known as the "Ship my pants" ad.

It starts with a mother, father and son standing in the denim department reacting to a Kmart store employee telling him about the store's shipping offer.

"Ship my pants? Right here? You're kidding," he says.

His wife and son also show their excitement about shipping their pants.

Other customers chime in saying, "I just shipped my drawers," "I just shipped my bed!"

The hash tag #ShipMyPants started trending on Twitter after the video was released.

Some are not laughing at the advertisement. Many parents feel the ad is inappropriate for children to watch.

Many customers went to the Kmart Facebook page to vent their opinions.

"Kind of low class! Not really appropriate for children to see," wrote Kerry Jagiella Pieters.

"I don't like the play on words here. Especially for a family store," wrote Shannon Sproston.

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