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Community unites in boy's battle against cancer

Silas Edenfield, 4, of Lyons, is battling a rare form of cancer. Silas Edenfield, 4, of Lyons, is battling a rare form of cancer.
Jessica and Archie Edenfield Jessica and Archie Edenfield
The Edenfields visit the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. The Edenfields visit the Georgia Sea Turtle Center.

The story of a Toombs County boy battling cancer has touched thousands around the country and beyond.

Plenty of people are doing all they can to help him and others fighting cancer.

Smoke Station BBQ in Savannah is selling meals Monday night to raise money for him and other children with cancer.

Silas Edenfield doesn't always have the energy of other 4 year olds. A rare liver cancer called hepatoblastoma often keeps him lying in bed to watch a movie.

But his spirit hasn't slowed. His parents have used his Facebook page to share updates and a perspective deeply rooted in their faith.

"Archie and I both worked in missions before we got married and we were both in countries where kids would never see a doctor their whole lives. So we were just grateful he was in a place he could be treated," said Silas' mother Jessica Edenfield.

Supporters have shared the page worldwide to raise awareness of childhood cancer. They've used gold ribbons and gold nail polish too. When the Jekyll Island Authority's Georgia Sea Turtle Center heard what his favorite animal was, they invited him for a visit.

"Somebody told us they'll never look at a sea turtle the same way again after knowing Silas' story," said Silas' father Archie Edenfield.   

"We got one from a lady yesterday who said she had cancer in her lungs and she said since she found Silas' page - she's not afraid anymore," Jessica Edenfield said.   

Both parents said Silas has shown a faith and a calm beyond his years. 

"When we got the prognosis that there's nothing else they can do, he was just excited that he was going to get to go to heaven and I don't know many adults that would have that reaction," she said. 

They still pray for healing for their little boy, but they also hope his struggle brings more help to others down the road. 

Edenfields are using some of the attention they're getting to focus on organizations that help children with cancer. One of those groups Cure Childhood Cancer is attending the fund-raiser at Smoke Station BBQ.

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