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Editorial - 4/25/13

Thank heavens the Boston terrorist search ended quickly, following that senseless attack by two self-glorifying, horror-dispensing delivery-boys aligned with darkest-evil.  Thankfully, we witnessed a magnificent display of police and security manpower, skill, and determination, all done under the glare of public and media pressure.  Enough can't be said about our technical capabilities, from the surveillance tape zeroing-in, to the infrared-imaging revealing the remaining terrorist.  And don't even begin to feel sorry, as insanely, some will, for those two disgusting malcontents who murdered and maimed innocent civilians, lives, now, cruelly lost or deeply-changed forever.  Among the legion of citizen helpers and heroes, at least two deserve special mention.  First, the gentleman, who early-on lost both legs, but was able to firmly ID one of the then-suspects.  Secondly, the man who noticed his boat-covering out of place, investigated, and immediately called police, leading to the rapid capture, and a return to semi-calm.    

What needs to happen, now, is terminal-justice for the radicalized-survivor , who turned violently on his adopted nation.  Signaling to the fanatical-cult that we're not as soft as we've telegraphed, by word and deed.  Then, stop playing kissy-face with con-artist Islamic terror-breeders, while snubbing our trusted allies.  Most of all, we need to admit the reality, despite D.C.'s fantasy, that al-Qaeda and other barbarians are still-formidable and intend to harm us, including the continuing-threat from terrorists within.  We remain at war. Time, again, to reject complacency.  As former federal prosecutor, Andy McCarthy has correctly stated:  "Jihad can't simply be wished away."  Meaning it must be recognized, then forcibly-confronted, and conquered, to preserve our freedom, our way of life, and our future. 

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