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Fire breaks out at Country Inn & Suites


Firefighters responded to a fire at the Country Inn & Suites near Hwy. 21 and I-95 in Port Wentworth on Thursday evening. The hotel is now shut down for business as firefighters assess the damage and determine the cause of the fire.


Within minutes, what was supposed to be a quiet night away from home quickly turning into chaos. 

"We checked in under normal conditions and then we went out for supper. When we came back, we saw the big commotion," said Lonnie Griffighs. "We couldn't believe it was our hotel."

Around 6:30 p.m., travelers staying at the hotel got an unwanted wake up call. 

"I thought it was just a malfunction, but then I looked out the door and I saw a woman screaming. There was a fire and smoke. I stepped out the door and saw the flames going up the side of the building. I knew we were in trouble," said Bruddie Wilson.  

Travelers packed what they could and scrambled out the doors. 

"Within 15 minutes, it burnt back quite bit," Pat Cooper. "I talked to some people who were staying there. One lady was getting dressed. She just grabbed her purse and her iPad and was out of there but she left the keys in the room for her car, so she is like oh man. It was eerie to see something like that."

Many nervously watched as Pooler and Port Wentworth firefighters battled the blaze.

"We haven't been able to get in since," said  Griffighs. "All of our traveling is in there. Our medications, we are concerned about that. Not so much fire damage but water damage. I am going to need medication because I am a diabetic."

Inn employees reassured travelers they would be able to get their belongings once the fire was put out, but this certainly wasn't the way they planned on spending their night.

"This is our first night out," said  Griffighs. "We are snowbirds. We stopped here for the night. What a night." 

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. 


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