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Sea turtle named for boy with terminal cancer


A pre-schooler with incurable cancer met his mascot Saturday morning. Silas the boy said hello, and goodbye, to Silas the turtle.

Doctors could heal the turtle after the cold-blooded animal was found ill from sudden exposure to chilly water.

But after 23 rounds of chemotherapy and six surgeries, treatment for liver cancer, there isn't anything more medicine can do for the boy.

"He's been fighting cancer for the last 14 months," Silas Edenfield's father, Archie Edenfield, said. "And pretty much the whole time he just latched on to sea turtles."

A loggerhead rehabilitated and released by the Georgia Sea Turtle Center was named in the boy's honor and released on Tybee's southern shore.

"It's a very special thing for us to release a turtle, probably the most precious gift we could give somebody" Sea Turtle Center Director Dr. Terry Norton said. "We wanted to donate the release to Silas."

And it means a lot to the Edenfields, who say cancer treatment had been an isolating experience at times.

Silas' mother, Jessica Edenfield, remembers "just walking through the store, and it just doesn't seem right that the whole world just continues to go on when Silas has cancer."

"Just knowing that people care is really encouraging," she said.

Silas the turtle has been fitted with a beacon. To track his progress, go to

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