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Project GOD to Deliver Supplies to Charley Victims

Several Coastal Empire organizations are doing their part, gathering supplies and shipping them down to Hurricane Charley victims who need it the most. Today, more help is on the way. One group left today with a truckload of supplies, heading straight for one of the hardest-hit areas, Punta Gorda, Florida.

It certainly is a big assignment,  but all the volunteers say they're up for the challenge.

Box by box, the donations came pouring in: work gloves, crow bars, rakes, water, diapers, formula. The supplies created several mounds on the law on of the Bible Baptist Church. "We've gotten everything on our list," said organizer Ken Sheppard.

Working as a team, volunteers unloaded supplies, bonded by a feeling of compassion for those who were left with nothing. "Even though the hurricane is ten days old now, I'm sure the needs are still great down there," said Sister Margie Beatty of St. Joseph's/Candler. "This little bit will help them and that's what's important."

Organizers say the most amazing thing about this mission is all the donations came within three days. But volunteers aren't surprised. This special delivery is called God Openly Delivers, or Project GOD. And the packages aren't just being shipped down to victims of Hurricane Charley. They're being hand delivered in person.

"Our goal is not to dump it at a relief center," said Sheppard. "Our objective is to go into the worst-hit areas we can find and actually deliver it to people. Pull up open the back, and say, 'What do you need? Here's what we have.'"

Volunteers know it won't be easy. "It's going to be humbling," said Sheppard.

Making them more appreciative of what they have, and sharing it with others, uniting a country not by disaster, but by people who care.

Sheppard and the volunteers at Bible Baptist loaded up the truck this afternoon and started their journey down to Florida about 4:30pm. They say they'll stay down there until all the supplies are gone.

Reported by: Melanie Ruberti,

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