Editorial - 4/29/13

When someone makes nonsensical public-statements, that upset or annoy large numbers of people, within one news-cycle, two at the most, they back-pedal by claiming that we, the unwashed, misunderstood them.  Such wasn't the case with that hard-left cable host who informed us recently that your kids really aren't yours, but rather belong to the community, meaning government.  Not only did our collectivist-butterfly refuse to retract, she reinforced her belief, stating that (quote) "our children are not a family's private property."  Well of course they are, as well as their responsibility, certainly until their kids are old enough to look after themselves and make good decisions.  Once of age and independent, most will continue to rely on their family for guidance, support, and love, not the federal government!

She then strongly implied that society, make that, government, should have the right to (quote) "infringe on individual freedoms in order to advance a common good."  "Common good" is utopia-speak for left-wing political control, as in 2nd Amendment infringement; selective religious freedom; porous borders; redefining morality; binge-spending; politicizing classrooms, punitive success taxation, dictating health care, and, as we're learning, early ownership-indoctrination of the nation's children, noting that the Administration's recent budget-proposal calls for substantial-funding of public pre-school for four-year olds.  Since bloated, bureaucratic D.C. knows far better than you what's best for your kids.  Between all of this, and the ever increasing number of Americans financially-wrapped in the Federal security blanket, there's no question that common-dictate, collectivism, is gaining on our proud tradition of individual opportunity and freedom.  Best we remember the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin:  "Those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither."