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County considers additional signs after fatal motorcycle wreck

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George "Wesley" Thomas George "Wesley" Thomas

Chatham County officials are paying close attention after family and friends of George "Wesley" Thomas, 38, made a plea on WTOC Sunday night asking for more to be done on Chief O.F. Love Road to make sure no one else is hurt, or worse.

In the last few months, the road has changed from a connector road from Canebreak Road to Ogeechee Road to a dead end road, with parking and circles and a bike path in the middle where the two ends meet.

"I'd like to see them put a couple more dead end signs down towards the end of it because right now they have the one that says no outlet as you turn in, I didn't see it until I went back after the accident," Robert McClanahan told WTOC. "The way they got it's just not adequate. They should put two more signs at the end that say dead end."

McClanahan and the family and friends of Wesley Thomas gathered Sunday night in Midway around Thomas's boat with pictures of his daughters and remembered his life. They also talked about lives they hoped to keep safe if signs were put up to warn motorists about the changes on Chief O.F. Love Road.

On one end, near Love's Seafood, there is a dead end road sign. The road, which used to connect to Canebreak Road, no longer does.

County Commissioners Lori Brady went out to the scene Monday to take a look after seeing WTOC's story.

"I can tell you I have been back out here myself before and I have used this road to cut across and noticed there is a dead end sign at the other end," she said. "When I was coming back into town, .we know there is a sign that says no outlet and a sign that says dead end."

The road sits partly in the city of Savannah and all in Chatham County. There is no dead end warning signs near where the accident took place.

WTOC asked Brady if she felt there needed to be more explicit signs closer to where the road ends, and where the accident took place.

"I think anything you can do to stop an accident from happening you should do, but again, I think we have to be cautious as to what caused this accident and wait for the full blown investigation to come in," Brady said.

City of Savannah officials told WTOC they believed it was a county issue since the road was mostly in the county. Brady's not so sure.

"I mean, it looks like the accident started in the unincorporated Chatham County, but you saw the signs. It's in the city of Savannah, so this is probably a joint conversation we will have to have with city officials as to what we do to caution folks as they come down this road," Brady said.

Brady says if speed was a factor, she may question whether more signs may be necessary, but is open to the discussion. The police investigation is ongoing.

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