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Some lowcountry parents concerned about Common Core


Five Beaufort County Board of Education members gathered Tuesday to hold a town hall meeting with concerned parents and teachers. 

Grade floors, communication between school officials and parents, and the Common Core State Standards were some of the main items discussed. 

At the meeting, nearly 30 parents and community members went into depth about the new national standards called Common Core. The focus is to give students more opportunities to apply what they have learned.

The process changes the traditional way of teaching and is considered more rigorous than currant standards. Parents were warned states often see test scores drop when schools start using those new standards, which raises concerns. 

"Because the expectation for students will be so much higher and the kinds of texts students will be taking is so different, there are some concerns that test scores could drop." said Mary Cordry, board vice chairwoman.

"It's going to be a lot more mathematics and writing, and I like that, but you are going from one teaching style to another teaching style, which is a concern if they don't have that foundation.," said Chris Davey, parent. "It is like you are building a house on a swamp, it's going to sink." 

Kentucky had a significant drop after implementing Common Core in their schools, but Beaufort County is hopeful they will not see the same drop.

Common Core will be fully implementing in Beaufort County by next year. 

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