Editorial - 5/02/13

By now, you're all familiar with the Budget Control Act of 2011, and the death-spiral we were told would happen from the lop-sided additional cuts, purposely-forced, through sequestration, Fed-speak for let's cut the legs out from under as many Americans as possible, so we maximize needless pain, when simply cutting duplication and waste would've more than solved it.   Interesting to see that when that pain impacted our flying officials, how quickly Congress was able to undue the furloughed air-traffic-controller slip-knot.  Meanwhile, our military members, active, guard, reserve and civilian workforce, along with installation contractors, are expected to take the brunt of these dual, lop-sided cut-back orders, with a combined, 10-year, one-trillion-dollar budget-axe hanging over the heads of the nation's installations and personnel alike.

These massive, clearly excessive, military-cuts take on a form and a face  when they hit home here in Georgia and South Carolina.  In the Peach State, looking at the Army side alone, the economic loss for the state is projected to be over $900-million, affecting more than 17-thousand jobs.  The Fort Stewart-Hunter cut, alone, will amount to over $55-million.  In South Carolina, the economic hit could be over $150-million, affecting more than 55-hundred Palmetto State jobs.  Much of the economic loss, a projected $75-million, will land in the laps of Fort Jackson.  Again, these are Army and projected figures only.  Both of our states will also be absorbing Air Force, Air Guard, Marine and Navy cuts, as well.  This is our current reality.  Don't miss an opportunity to share your concerns with your U.S. Senators and Representatives.