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Outsmarting smart phones: How hacking works and how to prevent it


In these modern, digital times, the abundance of technology available makes everyone susceptible to the growing number of hackers sweeping the cyber world.

Eric Sharpe, founder of Digital Doc Savannah Computer Repair, told WTOC hackers can find different exploits easily. They find leaks in software, then share and expose those leaks with their friends.

"This is someone looking at the code. This is someone gaining access through jail breaking their iPhone or other device, and gaining access to that information," he said.

Jail breaking is controversial, but Sharpe said doing so allows users to install all sorts of applications, including those not pre-screened by Apple.

Sharpe said Apple has never publicly acknowledged security leaks for one simple reason.

" You would never want to admit that you have a back gate to your house that's unlocked, the same way Apple doesn't want to admit that on their iPhones."

The official Apple Support page shows thousands of posts from customers who have been hacked. So, how do you make sure this doesn't happen to you?

"It's a great idea to have a passcode on your iPhone. You never want anyone to gain access easily to it," Sharpe said.

Also, make sure you read  the reviews and do your homework on every application you download to your phone. Find out if it can be easily hacked.

In the case you do lose your phone, Sharpe suggested taking advantage of the "Find my iPhone" app.

"Find my iPhone is a great app provided by Apple which allows you to find the location or the last location in which your iPhone was used, via internet or phone call."

Luckily, Sharpe said if someone does break into your phone, there are worse things that could happen.

"If someone has access to your email account that's usually a little bit more important because most of your information; Facebook, YouTube, is linked through email."

For more information on how to keep your phone safe, click here.

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