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Two shot overnight on Broughton Street

The front window of Urban Outfitters was shattered by stray bullets. The front window of Urban Outfitters was shattered by stray bullets.

Police are investigating a shooting that took place in the streets of downtown Savannah overnight. 

It happened around 3 a.m. Friday at the intersection of Broughton and Jefferson streets. 

Metro police say there are two gunshot victims who were both taken to Memorial University Medical Center. The extent of their injuries is not known at this time, but witnesses who tried to help the victims told WTOC that one victim was grazed and the other was shot multiple times somewhere in the abdomen or chest area.

"A dude unfortunately got shot two times in the chest, he was responsive. I talked to a couple of officers and they said from previous experience that they've seen, he was going to be ok, but they said two of the bullets entered and almost exited out the back" said Jimmi Coughlin, eyewitness.

It is believed that the victims were shot inside of their vehicle. Police had a black Crown Victoria with several windows shot out as part of the roped off crime scene. That car has now been taken from the scene.

Some of the witnesses said they initially thought a fight had broken out until they saw the suspect approach the black car that was roped off and parked in the middle of Broughton St. for part of the morning and, through the car window, fired several bullets. They then reported watching the victims fall out of the car onto the ground. They described seeing alot of blood and said it was a very graphic scene.

Officials say the first officers to arrive spent a considerable amount of time trying to calm down the restless and upset crowd around the scene. Witnesses say it was absolute chaos after the shooting occurred. Thursday night is normally a busy night downtown so there were many witnesses who were all very shaken up. Some say they heard at least five gunshots fired.

"I'm freaking, freaking! Nobody deserves to get shot in the middle of the street, that's ridiculous! But, I heard the shots, saw the car go. It happened like that, and I just watched, that's all I could do" said Newton Owens, witness.

The front windows of Urban Outfitters and the store next to it, American Craftsman, were shot out by stray bullets. 

The entire block of Broughton Street between Jefferson and Barnard streets was roped off for about three hours as police searched for clues and interviewed witnesses. The streets reopened around 6:30 a.m.  

Police are still at the scene investigating. There is no information about a possible suspect at this time, but witnesses tell WTOC they saw a car speed off from the intersection of Broughton and Jefferson right after the shooting.

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