Intruder Shooting Was Self-Defense, Deputies Say

The shooting occurred at this residence.
The shooting occurred at this residence.

A home invasion turned deadly in the Low Country. A Jasper County man shot and killed an intruder who was breaking into his home early Monday morning. When Michael Grant's security alarm sounded at his residence on Roper Road in Levy, he got his gun.

Deputies say the 28-year-old Grant shot 32-year-old Michael Jenkins twice after he tried to break in. "The homeowner stated he heard some noise and his alarm was activated," Chief Deputy Roy Hughes told us. "He came to the front door, heard some other noises and then retrieved his weapon for his safety. About that time, his front door was kicked in and he started firing because he feared for his life."

Jenkins was shot in the leg and face and later died at Memorial Health in Savannah. Deputies say the shots were fired in self-defense.

"Yes we do," said Hughes. "We feel that was the case in this instance, that his home was being invaded and he feared for his life and fired to take care of himself."

But this isn't the only home invasion recently. Within the past two weeks, deputies say there have been two other home invasions and a burglary that could possibly be connected to this one.

"There's a possible connection with this suspect and other home invasions, but at this point we can't say definitely, but there is a possible connection," said Hughes.

In fact, deputies say there's possibly a common thread between the shooter and the intruder. The solicitor's office will decide whether Grant was justified for shooting and killing the intruder. Legal experts say they doubt he will face charges because South Carolina's self-defense laws are more lenient than others.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,