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Family travels from Kentucky to see Candice Glover

Members of the Heberman family Members of the Heberman family

There is a lot of support for Candice Glover in the Lowcountry, but it doesn't stop there.

Folks all over America are rooting for Glover, especially the Heberman family. They drove all the way from Louisville, Kentucky to see her perform in Beaufort Saturday.

They've been watching Glover since Idol started this year. They say they had to be here to see her in person.

"It's pretty cool to see her sing and all that in person and not just on TV," said Christopher Herberman. 

Murrs Printing is the first place the Herbermans stopped when they arrived in Beaufort.
They purchased 20 Candice Glover posters.

According to the owner, Bob Murr, business has been booming since folks found out Glover was coming home.

"Well, today we've had a few customers come in and they've been picking them up. We need to get a few more banners finished before 5 p.m. tonight. Beaufort County Chamber, Main Street and even the Penn Center has ordered some," said Murr.

Not only are folks purchasing posters to show their support for Glover, they are also volunteering to help coordinate and plan the event.

The chamber is also asking folks to donate to help the city fund the event, because American Idol doesn't pay for any of it. 

The chamber said they have received more than $1,000 in individual donations, and they're expecting more before Saturday.

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