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Longview. . . not so angry after all?

Downtown Longview (Photo source: Longview Convention & Visitors Bureau) Downtown Longview (Photo source: Longview Convention & Visitors Bureau)

Alright Longview residents, you can relax now. You may not be such an angry city after all.

Earlier on Tuesday, it was reported that Longview, TX was the angriest city in the United States in 2012. An Esquire Magazine article, using data from an outdated Gallup poll, crowned Longview as the country's angriest city

According to a representative from Gallup, Longview did not provide a large enough sample to qualify for the "Well-Being Index," so the city was not even considered in selecting the "angriest city."

So which city was the angriest in 2012? Rockford, IL took the top spot.

The "Well-Being Index" compiles results from one million surveys conducted across the United States, measuring the "collective well being of residents in 357 municipal areas.

The survey reflects respondent's physical and emotional health, financial and workplace well being, and access to basic necessities. Specific details on the factors leading to Longview's individual ranking were not provided.

The ongoing "Well-Being Index" began in January 2008, surveying as many as 1,000 people a day, providing detailed views of specific time periods and demographics. Gallup said the Index will continue at least until the year 2033.

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