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Polling location change confuses voters in Bluffton

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Leny Giarratano Leny Giarratano

Officials with Beaufort County Board of Elections say polls were busy Tuesday with 33 percent voter turnout. They say things ran smoothly at all polling locations, despite some confusion with voting locations in Bluffton.

"When I cam by here this morning, it wasn't just me. There was 20 or 30 people out here that were not notified about the change in the polling place," said Leny Giarratano.

Giarratano says he's always voted at the Lowcountry Community Church, so when he got there Tuesday morning and found the doors locked, he was confused and angry. 

Giarratano claims the precinct change was never brought to his attention, and there were no signs up at the church telling folks where to go and vote. 

"People are in a hurry in the morning," he said. "They think they're going to do it on their way to work. They think they're going to take five minutes just to run in here and vote, and there was a lot of disgruntled people out here who just left." 

After making a few calls, Giarratano found out where he was supposed to vote at, and he did. He said those other people standing with him did not.

After receiving numerous complaints, the church put signs up informing voters that it is no longer a polling location, and the five districts that previously voted there were moved to Bluffton Elementary and H.E. McCracken Middle School.

Districts 4a, 4b, and 4c voted at H.E. McCracken and 2b and 5 voted at Bluffton Elementary.

Officials with the Board of Elections and the Lowcountry Community Church say the church has not been a voting precinct for the past two years, so they're not sure where the confusion came from. They say they will do their best to make sure every voter in those districts are made aware of this change in the future. 

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