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Editorial Salute - 5/9/13

Beyond good health and a caring family, very little else is as important in the life of a young person than receiving a solid classroom-education from the very start, one from which to successfully build-upon, and grow, through high school, to successful post-secondary study, skills-training, and/or military service, and from that preparatory-platform, launching into progressively-enriching and rewarding careers, contributing all along the way to a better community, and a better America.  None of which will happen without that key, quality, mind-expanding educational-foundation.

As this academic years draws to a close, throughout our two-state coastal schools, we thank and salute the teachers, staff members and administrators for the invaluable work they do each year to build strong futures for our nation's youth, and in so doing, for our nation itself. Our teachers will tell you, however, that the educational-process can't be, and shouldn't be, their responsibility alone.  It takes on-going commitment from the two other  components for genuine success: our students and their parents.  Students simply must take full-advantage of the endless primary and secondary learning-opportunities provided for them, by tax-payers, parents or very often both.  It must never be blown-off or wasted, unless you goal is to simply exist on the shoulder of life's highway.  Parents: if you're not already fully-involved with your child's education, then get-in-the-game. Your support and discipline can make all the difference in turning the learning-path from student potential to student achievement. Summer home-work assignment for all: read, work, enjoy; more discovery and learning await!      

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