InSITE--Mail With a Memorable Message!

Think about this. What was on the last stamp you stuck on an envelope? Or the last stamp on an envelope you opened? Nothing too memorable? You can change that, there's a site that lets anyone design a stamp that you can really use to move the mail. And maybe the people you send things to.

Click your way to Photostamps. Very simple site, but have your credit card ready. And you probably don't want to do it with the kids watching, since they'll want to make their own stamps, and it's not cheap. You might want to have the file you keep your photos in ready, since the first thing they ask you to do is upload a photo. Know the file name, and send 'er up. The next page lets you do some editing, crop the picture, zoom in or out, even rotate it, and pick the color for the border. Note up at the top you can even choose the amount the stamp is worth, the regular thirty- seven cents mail, or more expensive stuff. One more note, they say they check the photos for content, so don't try to sneak anything by the Postmaster that might offend. Here's where the sticker, or stamp shock sets in. At the checkout. You buy a sheet of twenty very personalized, .37 cent stamps. That would normally set you back $7.40. But for the privilege of putting your picture on, the price more than doubles... .85 cents a piece. Plus shipping. It's a pricey little privilege, but might be just the thing for special people, or special occasions.