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Statement from the Boston Athletic Association

In the days after the marathon, the B.A.A. received thousands of e-mails from runners in the race, and many from those who did not have the opportunity to cross the finish line.

Many have offered suggestions on how to help those runners find closure. While each of the 5,700 runners who didn't cross the finish line has his or her own opinion on how to attain the closure, the common thread is one of persistence.

We have listened and read every e-mail and voicemail, and we have been touched. While it's impossible to respond or reply to all of them, we've been in continuous communication with our runners, and in particular, those runners who did not cross the finish line on where we stand in the process. 

Planning a marathon takes a lot of teamwork, and planning a marathon in the wake of the events of April 15 takes even more teamwork, communication, and planning.

We're communicating now with all of our partners as we continue planning the 2014 Boston Marathon. As we work on our plan, and options for that group of runners which did have the opportunity to cross the finish line of the race, we ask those runners for continued patience.

Tom Grilk, Executive Director

Boston Athletic Association

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