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Latest phishing scam targets Apple customers


Phishing scams are nothing new in the technology world, but thanks to the growing number of Apple users, hackers are now trying desperately to get a hold of Apple ID information.

The scammers lure people with an e-mail, forcing one to believe there's some type of critical issue requiring immediate log-in. The e-mail then forwards the user to a website that looks like Apple's, but is actually a phony.

Once the user deposits their personal information, the crooks win, and have access to that person's debit or credit card account.

Experts say the key is to never trust any e-mail immediately asking for username or password information. Brian Hodge, a certified Apple Specialist at Digital Doc in Savannah, told WTOC a foolproof tip on how to find out if you're being scammed.

"You always want to make sure that you're logging in to the official site. Usually you can find that out by making sure the HTTPS, not the http, the HTTPS, has a lock icon next to it. That means that it's properly encrypted," he said.

Hodge also said if this happens to you, you might notice right away until miscellaneous charges pop up on your bank statement. If it does happen, the first step is to call your bank. After that, report the scam to Apple.

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