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Some still concerned about Elba Island LNG terminal expansion

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Federal regulators held a public meeting in Savannah Thursday to discuss the expansion of the Elba Island Liquified Natural Gas Terminal, which is looking into the export of the natural gas liquids like propane and butane. This is not to be confused with an earlier proposal to truck up to 58 tankers of liquid natural gas a day out of the facility and across DeRenne Avenue that created a heated debate and a fight from the city of Savannah, in which the city eventually won. The new proposal would use two trucks but some are still very worried.

"The bigger concern I think we have is that once we start the precedent for two trucks, what happens down the road when they want to refuel or they want to take some of this LNG and put it back out to refueling stations. That is something that is coming down the road, so this sets a precedent. Before we let even one more truck on the highway with hazardous material, I think we need to look at how we can protect Savannah," said Pam Miller, Citizens for a Safe Secure Savannah co-founder.

The companies involved have established a website for the Elba Island project that includes a project overview, environmental information and information for affected stakeholders. View the website here.

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