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Greater Bluffton Republican Club to give away assault rifle


In an effort to spark interest, the Greater Bluffton Republican Club is giving away an AR-15 as a door prize. 

The club has come under fire because some thought they were raffling off the gun. Raffles are illegal in South Carolina. But, according to club members, giving away something as a door prize is not.

The group stands by their decision to give the gun away as a prize. 

"Though it is a hot button issue, as a club we don't see it as a hot button issue, but we did know it was going to grab awareness. After this morning, it brought a lot of awareness," said Brian Quinty, Greater Bluffton Republican Club.

Quinty says although the club wanted the attention, they didn't want to cause legal confusion.

The club knows raffles are illegal in the state, which is why originally they said it's a door prize.

There are some Republicans who do not agree with the club giving away an AR-15. They say it should be a smaller gun.

But Quinty says a smaller gun would not have brought as much attention.

"I think in the end this will be a good boost for our little club. We've seen the comments on the Island Packet from all over the state and we have people saying that they wanted tickets," said Quinty.

Solicitor Duffy Stone and the club's president met to make sure the club is not breaking the law.

Club members say once they get the green light from the solicitors office, they are going to move forward with this.

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