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Math teacher helped evacuate Hinesville Burger King after shooting

Bobby Tanner Bobby Tanner

A high school math teacher's quick action helped a stunned and packed restaurant in the aftermath of a shooting.

It happened Wednesday night, at the Burger King off Elma G. Miles Parkway in Hinesville.

Bobby Tanner, a teacher at Barnwell Institute, said he was standing beside the restaurant's soda fountain when he heard a bang. He turned around, thinking it was some kind of explosion in the kitchen.

Instead, he says he saw Burger King employee Vincent Brantley, 22, pointing a gun over the counter.

Police say Brantley had just shot his co-worker Gregory Fine, 23, in the arm.

The patrons of the restaurant froze.

"They're like, they didn't know what to do," Tanner said. "And when I turned around, and especially when a saw the lady that she was holding her baby and it started crying, ‘We need to be moving, and especially you. Let's go.'"

Tanner says the patrons were surprisingly calm as they walked out of the restaurant but started running when they saw Brantley walk out after them.

They didn't have anything to fear, police say, because Brantley approached the first officer who arrived and told him he'd done the shooting.

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