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Editorial feedback - 5/9/13

In response to 5/9. Bill, Hear, Hear!  Great Editorial and a smile! Just my thought on education. with no contention to your comments. I am in Beaufort Co. and previously worked in Jasper Co. In Ridgeland I saw a high school that produced students not ready for employment. Even if they were ready there was no real employment to be had within a 10mi radius.

Schools do not prepare students for success in the adult world. Where are the shop classes? Where is Home Ec? Better yet, where are the classes that teach personal finance? Mortgage, Car loan, filling out taxes?

Bill, here is where you and I may disagree. In primary school the parents are tantamount to nurturing a learning environment. Secondary school in my opinion is driven by student interest. That is curriculum and teachers.

Bill Schultz
Okatie, SC

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