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Editorial - 5/13/13

Last week, Third ID Commander, Major-General Robert "Abe" Abrams, provided an on-the-ground, video brief from his Regional Command South headquarters in Afghanistan.  With deserved-pride, he praised the non-stop efforts of our 3rd ID Stewart-Hunter "Dog Face" soldiers, serving throughout that nation, doing courageous work on our behalf, and for the cause of freedom.  The summary take-away: America's human and financial capital are having far more positive outcomes, over this last year, especially, than our politically-enraptured, spine-deprived national news media will report.  One example.  An experienced-reporter was imbedded with General Abrams' soldiers for several weeks.  Unrestricted, she saw it all.  She filed three positive stories. All rejected. Rejected for being positive, when her paper's sleeping-with-wolves political-posture was to reinforce a negative view of our military efforts.     

The Taliban was convinced that our soldiers would never earn the trust of their Afghan peers.  But just the opposite, as both now share mutual respect; living and working, side-by-side.  As the General described it, they've become "like brothers."  Over 85% of coalition-operations are now Afghan planned and led. And it works. Enemy attacks are down 70% from a year ago.  In the words of General Abrams, the Afghan troops "know how to fight," and they don't quit.  It's the Afghans who are now "doing the winning," he said.  Thus, you can be mighty proud of the positive impact made, for security and freedom, in a very challenging environment, by the courageous 3rd ID Stewart-Hunter Army-team, working closely with other task-force partners.  We are truly blessed to have the finest, most humane,  military fighting-force on earth.  Achieving an Afghan success-story our hip-pocket media can't seem to tell.  

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