Editorial Salute - 5/16/13

Last month, a Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department officer stopped two males in downtown Savannah as they bore likeness to suspects in recent area robberies.  The officer placed one of the men in handcuffs, after he refused a weapons search.  At that point, the other individual took off running.  As he did, a concealed pistol dropped to the ground.  He stopped, picked up the gun, and aimed it at the police officer.  He pulled the trigger once, then again.  Both times, thankfully, the gun failed. Facing such, the officer, had already pushed the handcuffed-man to the ground, shielding him, while leaving himself exposed to the gunman.  Showing incredible restraint, the officer withheld fire, since several children were at risk in the immediate area. The would-be gunman was quickly subdued by fellow officers who had raced to the scene.  A scene that might well have produced  one, if not two, critical or fatal wounds.  The individual pushed to the ground  later thanked the officer for saving his life.  As well he should.  That was a truly heroic action.  An action that could easily have cost the officer his life.

Wednesday of this week, area law enforcement members, community leaders, families of the fallen, and other community members gathered at the Metro Police Memorial for the annual remembrance and tribute to the 51officers who've perished, here, in the line-of-duty, sacrificing their lives, to keep Savannah-Chatham residents as safe and secure as possible.  Be continually grateful for the men and women of our Metro Police Department, and for all those, at all levels, serving in Georgia-South Carolina law enforcement.  Any day, any time, is the right time to step-up and say thanks to those sworn to serve, to maintain order, and if need be, sacrifice their lives to protect us.