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Dogs attack father and sons, 3 and 5


Two brothers, ages 3 and 5, were hospitalized along with their father after being viciously attacked by neighborhood dogs on Saturday.

Neighbor Tony Wages saw the attack and came out to help pull the dogs off of one of the young boys.

"He fell to the ground against the curb and the dog just latched onto his back," Wages said. "I grabbed the collar, and I mean, this dog was strong. I tried to pull him off and he wouldn't budge. I reached under there and grabbed his wind pipe and squeezed as hard as I could."

Wages was bitten, too.

Trent Wilson, an investigator for The Douglas County Sheriff's Office, said the dogs are a boxer and a type of terrier mix. Wilson said he spoke to the dogs' owners who said they are sometimes able to open the family's front door by themselves.

"The dogs saw the father and the two kids walking down the street and just pushed on the door," Wilson said.

Neighbor Abie Echols said the dogs have intimidated her family before.

"Yesterday, my mom was leaving for work and the dogs came up and they jumped on her," Echols said. "I'm scared because I always ride my bike around the neighborhood with my friends, and it just scares me just in case they'll run out the door."

The father and his sons were taken to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston.

Douglas County Animal Control placed the dogs in quarantine at its shelter. It's up to officials to decide whether or not to let the dogs go back home, or whether they should be euthanized.

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