Bridges to Chatham County Neighborhood Closed

Residents can only cross the bridge in golf carts.
Residents can only cross the bridge in golf carts.

Residents of one Chatham County neighborhood have a hard time getting to their homes. They have to leave their cars on the roadside and use golf carts, because nearby bridges are just too dangerous. Rotting wood could make the bridges unstable. So they state ordered them shut down immediately.

We saw Wanda Weeks pick her friend up in an unusual mode of transportation for the area. "I come down here to get my friend in a golf cart," she laughed.

Three out of the four bridges to get to Wanda's house near Old Highway 204 were shut down immediately because the Department of Transportation says the wooden timbers are rotten, making them unsafe to drive over. "We closed them immediately," said director of public works Robert Drewry.

The county provided golf carts and security to watch the residents' cars in a makeshift parking lot. "It's not really that bad, I mean, I wish we had more golf carts," said Wanda.

Two years ago, almost the exact same thing happened. So it was like deja vu to Wanda. "No, couldn't be happening again."

To get from her house to her car in the makeshift parking lot takes "probably five minutes," when getting to the area would usually take just a minute.

And Wanda and the rest of the residents will be traveling like this for at least ten days, as crews work to repair the rotting old bridges.

Wanda says it could be worse "It's nice to drive around and see the scenery and everything," she told us.

The Chatham County Commission approved the $112,000 to fund the repairs at its meeting today. About two hours later, crews were already at work.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,