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Editorial - 5/20/13

You'll recall that hoax called church-state separation, invented and perpetuated by a succession of jurists, apparently too busy to actually read the First Amendment, or did, and found it to be politically-inconvenient, or perhaps just preferred to make policy themselves, rather  than sticking to legislative review, disregarding that dusty old separation-of-powers thing, that unlike the other, actually exists. 

Buckle-up, we've hit a new church-state low, right here in Georgia.  Seems  one Georgia resident, repeat, ONE, complained to our State Department of Natural Resources about Bibles being in the night-stand drawer of our state park cabin and lodge rooms.  Rather than research it first, the DNR ordered all those Bibles removed.  Still available at each front desk, but taken out of the rooms so as to dissipate the unpleasant odor of religion.  Thankfully, this lunacy was short-lived, as Governor Nathan Deal, familiar with the Constitution, quickly ordered those Bibles back into park rooms.  Said he:  "I don't believe that a Bible at bedside constitutes a state establishment of religion."  His reasoning is solid. The State of Georgia didn't buy those Bibles.  The Gideon's did. 

To anyone offended by the Bible's presence, a simple solution:  Don't open the darn drawer!!  Rarely are they motion-sensor-triggered, set to launch a Bible, directly at a new occupant, like the blast of a Poseidon missile breaching the ocean's surface.  In the midst of the continuing onion-peel of Federal misdeeds, Georgia's Battle of the Bibles also went national, a source of great-pride for us all. Despite the far-larger insult to the vast majority of Georgians of faith, perhaps a freedom of choice solution for the person offended.  With the Bibles now rightly back in those drawers, for your next  stay, no thanks required,  we'll wedge a genuine Georgia diamond-back in the drawer of your room's other night-stand.  The choice of which one to open is yours.  Sleep well….  

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