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Senior Active: Wendell Turner

Wendell Turner Wendell Turner

Some retirees worry about being able to fill their schedule. Wendell Turner's problem is finding more time in his.

"There's something every day of the week,'' the Bluffton resident says of his extremely busy social calendar. "And then there are other things that go on periodically.''

The former health services worker who spent 28 years in the Army National Guard moved to Sun City Hilton Head 12 years ago.

He has spent almost every day since pursuing and adding hobbies.

"They're all the things I wanted to do, but you know, work kind of interfered and now you can just do that,'' says Turner, who plays golf and tennis two days a week each and is in several music groups. He also participates in bicycle and bird-watching groups, spends time gardening and taking photographs and is the founder of South Carolina's chapter of the America Revolution Roundtable, a discussion group that meets quarterly. "We have a saying among the seniors, ‘how in the world did we have time to work?'"

Keeping up with Turner's seemingly endless activities can be an activity in itself.

But he has his reasons for doing each one.

"Well, I play golf strictly as a way of punishing myself,'' he says. "I've always played golf and I've always played tennis. And music is just part of my life. I like everything about music, whether it's classical music or bluegrass or the Strummers.''

Whether performing on stage or participating in sports, the 84 year old sets an example for other seniors.

"I would say to the average person, dabble in a little bit of everything, go to club meetings, go to activities, try things out,'' says Turner. "Find the ones that you love, do those until you get tired of them, take a break, then do something else. But keep on going.''

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