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Remaining Few urge drivers to pay attention for motorcycles


With summer almost here,  more motorcycles will be on the road. And south Georgia bikers urge you to watch out for them.

They're asking car and truck drivers to look twice and make sure there is not a motorcycle coming because it could save a life.

Five o-clock traffic, people rushing home. South Georgia motorcyclists worry that drivers may not have their full attention on the road and the vehicles on it. For a motorcycle rider, that moment of inattention could be deadly.

Members of the Remaining Few Motorcycle Club say they have had close calls with cars too many times.

Remaining Few Motorcycle Club member Mike McKinley said "They've pulled out in front of me. Run me off the road. They claim they don't see you."

And for a motorcycle rider that too often leads to a fatality. May 9th about 5 o-clock 52 year old William Frantz was killed when a car pulled in front of his motorcycle on Sylvester Road.

McKinley said "Within five minutes of it happening phones were ringing all over and everybody's wondering is it somebody I know. The people go to worrying about their loved ones. As a motorcycle community we try to circle around each other."

And South Georgia's motorcycle community says too many people have died riding. And they say most of those crashes could have been avoided if drivers paid attention to their driving and looked twice.

 McKinley said "All it takes is an extra minute. Take your time. Look. Make sure your way is clear. There is a life attached to that motorcycle, and that life is connected to many others."

May is National Motorcycle Awareness month, the Remaining Few are speaking out for all motorcycle riders. They urge drivers to put down cell phones while driving, and make sure there are no motorcycles or cars coming before pulling out or changing lanes. They feel about their club members as brothers, and want them to stay riding safe and alive. 

The Remaining Few urge you to put your cell phone down and pay attention, to keep everyone safe.

The Governor's Office of Highway Safety says the number of motorcycle fatalities in Georgia fell from 178 in 2008 to 146 last year. 

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