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Students, faculty want 5th grade back at Lady's Island Elementary

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Molly Smith is one of 64 fourth graders that will have to leave Lady's Island Elementary School and its arts program next school year for Lady's Island Intermediate School.

"It really makes me sad because I love the arts, and because of the school I have artistic ability," said Smith.

Parents, students and teachers say it's time Beaufort County school board brought the fifth graders back to Lady's Island Elementary School.

Fifth grade was taken out of the school four years ago and put into Lady's Island Intermediate School due to overcrowding issues, but teachers say there's no longer an overcrowding issue and students need the rigorous arts program they're getting from Lady's Island Elementary. 

The intermediate school still offers art and music classes, but not like the elementary school, which integrates art and music into basic classes like math and English.

Those classes have helped Smith with her confidence level.

"Because in art I can get inspiration," she said. "With singing, I have a voice and I can use it."

Singing and drawing not only brought Smith out of her shell, it also helped her in her core curriculum classes. 

Moving to a new school next year has Smith and her other classmates worried. Teachers say it's a shame that this is what students have to think about. 

"To lose that foundation, and the performances and confidence, that is a huge deal of a child's life," said Kristin Brady, music teacher.

The school board has tabled the issue for now, but they do plan to talk about it in the future. At this time, they do not plan on putting the fifth grade back at the school. 

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