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Businesses and employees evaluate their disaster plan knowledge

Paul Ganem Paul Ganem

Do you know your company's disaster plan? Does your employer have a plan?

WTOC has been checking into some places in Savannah and getting all kinds of mixed answers. Some say they know while others have no clue.

At Johnnie Ganem, they can tell you for a fact they not only know exactly where to go and what to do, but they even think they may have the safest building in all of Savannah. 

"I'd lock the front doors, close the gates, go to the center of the building where there are two foot walls surrounded by another building on the backside," Paul Ganem, owner of Johnnie Ganem said. "So, I get everyone together, I hunker down right inside the store and have plenty of supplies back there."

Ganem's not surprised some folks aren't prepared. He says the reality of Oklahoma doesn't set in until it happens closer to the Coastal Empire, but for him, he's always had this plan. The building on Habersham St. is brick and concrete with thick interior walls. There are two rooms in the middle, which serve is kind of interior shelters.

Ganem says he would bring all his employees and family in an emergency situation, like a fast moving tornado, and feel confident they would survive.

"I mean, in Savannah you are not going to find anything more secure than this. I don't think," Ganem said.

The American Red Cross offers a free disaster readiness web site to help businesses prepare. 

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