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Editorial - 5/23/13

Within all-too-recent memory, our nation has been stunned by the cruelty, and traumatic-impact of way-too-many mass-tragedies, imposed on us, both by Mother Nature, and by demented humans, the former, unpreventable; the latter, reprehensible.  So, yet again, it's quite normal to feel genuine, sadness for the lives claimed, by this week's massive tornado near Oklahoma City.  Reflecting on our own families and close friends makes it normal to feel even a hollowness inside, when thinking of those parents and loved ones shattered by such unthinkable loss.  For them, in time, mercifully, an encapsulating-veneer will form to hold feelings of the stricken in-check, an emotional-Novocain, as grief is slowly replaced by the emptiness that reoccurring-memories will bring.  Yet, despite the eventual outward-calm, and restoration of seeming-normalcy, that loss-instilled heartache, that indescribable-sadness, stored deep within, is forever.

Please be ever-thankful for the amazing police, fire, and emergency-medical-personnel who, in such extraordinary and tragic events, are always there to rescue, protect, stabilize, and transport us, no matter the circumstance, no matter the danger.  Those men and women are heaven-sent when our need is the highest.  With Oklahoma and other sites in mind,

within-memory, we in Coastal Georgia and South Carolina have been spared such staggering, gut-wrenching loss of life, and property, with the obvious exception of Hurricane Hugo's damaging, 1989 impact on Charleston.  Despite our years of comparative good fortune, given our nation's successive tragedies, and with our own storm-season soon upon us, please fight the understandable-lure of complacency.  We, here, have been blessed.  While we hope that continues, it may not always be so.  

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