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Senior Active: Gen. Donald Rosenblum

Gen. Donald Rosenblum Gen. Donald Rosenblum

He's been out of the Army for 29 years, but Gen. Donald Rosenblum still does more before 9 a.m. than most do all day.

"I work out starting at 4:20 a.m.,'' said Rosenblum. "That takes anywhere from 50 minutes to an hour.''

Four days a week, Rosenblum is one of the first people at the Habersham YMCA to use the treadmill, to lift some weights, but also to exercise his social skills.

"You know, all my life I got up early, starting with the Citadel,'' said Rosenblum, one of only 140 men distinguished Citadel Alumni by the school. "I started going out there at 4:30 and I've gotten friendly with  about five guys who come at the same time. We just have a great time. We tease each other, sometimes we talk about serious stuff."

The retired three-star general, the former commander of the 24th Infantry Division at Fort Stewart, doesn't do much serious work anymore. He stopped doing defense consulting a couple of years ago.

But he still spends most weekdays at the office he maintains in downtown Savannah.

"I go out and drink coffee with buddies, run into people on the street who I know,'' he says. "I like going downtown, frankly, even if I just wander.''

A member of the YMCA's board and still a presence at the Citadel, Rosenblum spends time with several groups of friends, including a standing Wednesday lunch with the 1-2-3 Club to whom he's just "Rosie,''  even if he does try to command the table.

But here's a secret about the hard-nosed military man. He has a soft heart.

"The biggest thing in my life is the woman to whom I am now married,'' Rosenblum said of his wife Nancy. "She has made me feel 25 again. I love her to death. I said to her once, how did I, to the right of Genghis Kahn and Attila the Hun, get mixed up with a left-wing liberal artist who probably voted Al Gore? She looked at me and said, first of all, you're not as tough as you think you are.''

But he says he will continue to stay as busy as he presently is.

"I want to live a long time,'' said Rosenblum. " I've got 15 grandchildren, the youngest one is 17 months old. I want to see her grow up. That's why I keep myself active.

"I've watched guys who have retired from their jobs and everything and do absolutely nothing. And they die, very soon. Because their minds and bodies don't keep up with the times.''

So the general isn't just keeping up, he's still moving forward.

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