Email to Boy Scouts parents sparks controversy

Email to Boy Scouts parents sparks controversy

Will everyone follow the new laws of acceptance in the Boy Scouts of America? One Coastal Empire Boy Scout troop sent out THIS letter that has outraged parents (NOTE: names and other identifying information has been removed and replaced with ***) :

Hi everyone.
Ok, for my final letter to you all... 
and in case you were not able to attend the meeting last night, here is a summary of key points from the meeting.

1- *** is staying on... and will continue to be Scoutmaster until his grandson gets his Eagle in about 15 more years!

2- Most of the Asst Scoutmasters will be staying on... **** and myself have resigned effective last Thursday. There are some ASMs that are still deciding... My son has also resigned from scouting.

3- The trip to Itchnatucky is still on....

4- Summer camp?

5 - *** and our leadership will be soon revising our troop bylaws to protect our scouts fromany sexual predators, homosexuals, and even heterosexuals. No discussion about sex should take place at Scouts. That is between a child and their parents. End of story. Openly gay scouts or leaders will not be accepted into this troop.

6 - The official BSA policy does not go into play until Jan 1st, 2014. At this point, if deemed necessary, all scouts might be required to sleep ONE to a TENT. If scouts want to play card games or whatever, they will have to be outside their tents in the open to do so. Tents will be for sleeping only. 

7- Attending large scouting events like Jamborees and Jamboramas, Father/Son freezeouts may have to be curtailed as we will have no control over the policies of other troops.

8 - Troop *** IS and shall REMAIN a Christian-based Boy Scout Troop. Boys will be protected at all costs.

9 - For those leaving the troop, *** asks for your continued support of THIS troop in any way that you can. Just because National has gone to the dogs, doesn't mean Troop *** has to!

10 - I am going to leave the Troop *** website up for a long while... but feel free to go back and download any important/memorable pics of your scouts!

11 - I am sure I probably missed a few things.. feel free to contact Mr. *** directly with any questions or concerns.
God Bless you all as you make your decisions.

Have a safe and wonderful summer and I really enjoyed getting to know you all. What an amazing group and I am honored to have met you all and been part of the Troop *** family.

In Christ,