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Questions remain after 2 pit bulls found dead on Bryan Co. roadside

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Andi Gamblin Andi Gamblin

Two pit bulls were mysteriously found dead on the side of the road in Bryan County last week. Were they hit by a car or was it something else?

The woman who says she found the dogs posted a picture of the dead dogs on Facebook asking for help finding their owners and clues to what happened to them. As of last week, Bryan County Animal Control was not commenting.

Monday was a different story.

On Friday, a picture of the two dogs lying side by side, dead, with a caption reading "Who recognizes these two dogs"..."brutally killed today" was posted on Facebook by Andi Gamblin. WTOC didn't show the picture on TV.

Animal Control director Tommy Foster says he believes, after investigating, the dogs were hit by a car and had been dead for at least a few days.

Gamblin said it was obvious the dogs had been dead for a few days, but she finds the part about them both being hit by a car hard to believe.

"If it was a freak hit and run accident then it was really weird," Gambin told WTOC.

Gamblin says after posting the picture of the dead pit bulls on Facebook, one woman came forward and said she had pulled one of the dogs out of Highway 17 in Richmond Hill around 7 a.m. last Thursday morning.

Gamblin said she passed by that same stretch of road around midnight, just seven hours earlier, and there was no sign of any dogs in the road or on the side of the road.

Animal Control director Tommy Foster said the dogs appeared to have been dead for at least three to four days, but Gamblin found the dogs Thursday night, 12 hours after the woman who claimed to have moved one to the side of the road. So, Gamblin says someone had to have dumped the dogs between midnight and 7 a.m. Thursday.

"What I thought was really strange was the only damage they had was to their head. Everything else looked fine. Their teeth were all in tact. Their bodies had no scratches. No marks. Usually when road kill gets hit, they are mangled. It was odd. There was no blood anywhere," Gamblin said.

Foster told WTOC there was no sign of dog fighting or abuse, but Gamblin says the dogs appeared to have had their heads smashed in and only looked to have been about six months to eight months old. 

"Abuse, abandonment and neglect is pretty rampant in this area. In the past, I've pulled over for dogs who got hit by a car and you find gun shot wounds, and it's like, ok, he was obviously placed here to make it look like he was hit by a car. That happens more often than people might think," Gamblin said.

However, Foster tells WTOC the case is closed. It is a dogs hit by a car case. Gamblin says she's not giving up and will continue to ask for and follow up some leads from Facebook.

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