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Local Democrats "Divorce" Sen. Zell Miller

Last night's keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention was Sen. Zell Miller, a Democrat. Now the Chatham County Democratic Committee doesn't want you to call Miller a Democrat anymore. Those who watched Miller's speech say he stopped being a Democrat a long time ago.

Savannah attorney and loyal Democrat James Byrne watched Miller's primetime speech with a few friends. They witnessed the Georgia senator endorse President Bush. Byrne admits it's a disappointment. "He was a great governor and a great Democrat, but he let his ego get in the way."

Other Democrats aren't as sympathetic. "They call him Zig-Zag for a reason," said Caine Cortellino. He thinks Miller is concerned about one thing: selling books. "He's got three months left in his political career. [He'll] make the most of it."

Pundits will debate what impact Miller's endorsement will have on the 2004 vote. Byrne is just happy local Democrats finally did what he says national Democrats chose to do years ago: divorce Zell Miller.

"And Zell responded and said at least he got to keep my dogs," said Byrne. "I think we are all happy with that."

Zell Miller will be retiring at the end of the year.

Reported by: Don Logana, dlogana@wtoc.com

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