Editorial Salute - 6/6/13

One evening, a Phoenix police sergeant, stopped a young man walking along a road late at night.  She determined that he was of age, and not violating curfew.  She also learned that whenever he missed the last bus, after getting off his night-shift at a fast food restaurant, he had to walk nine-miles to get home.  Seems he'd never had a bicycle, and with no Dad to teach him, had never learned how to ride one.  The sergeant took it from there, giving the young man a seldom-used bike she had, fixed him up with a helmet, then had two of her officers teach him to ride.  Needless to say, the young man  was very pleased to have back-up transportation getting to, or from, his job. That police sergeant had became anxious to assist him, especially once his character and work-ethic had become so obvious to her.  A great helping-hand from this officer, and a gem of a find for the young man's employer.

Another example of working to create a positive outcome comes to mind, this one, right here in Savannah.  Back in January, a suspect on the run from police pursuit, smashed-through a resident's privacy fence, leaving it badly-damaged.  The resident had no insurance, nor enough money, to re-build the damaged section.  Given her lack of funds, and the circumstances behind the damage, a Major and a Sergeant from Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department volunteered to do the fence and gate repair themselves!  They tackled the re-build, leaving it better than new, all with no fanfare, nor any expectation of such.  These two examples remind us that, beyond serving and protecting our communities every day, there is also a whole lot of caring and giving within the hearts and actions of our dedicated and courageous law enforcement personnel.