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Columbia County sinkhole continues to grow, fix on the way

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"Actually feeling very good, the county has been outstanding," said Jennifer Jensen.

She has been virtually trapped in the Barrington subdivision for days; she can walk around a growing sinkhole that opened up on Lakestone Court, but she can't drive. Now, County crews finally have a fix on the calendar.

"Could be four weeks, could be six weeks," explains Matt Schlachter with Columbia County's Construction and Maintenance department. "Tough to say, we're working on it."

Schlachter has been watching and waiting for days as Tropical Storm Andrea lashed the CSRA. Because of all the rain, he couldn't start the repair work. It's in full swing now.

"First process in getting this thing back open is getting the water out of the pond behind it," he said.

Schlachter says the water must be drained in order to accomplish the necessary work under the road. Heavy machinery was brought in to take out the spillway and fix the pipe causing the sinkhole to keep growing. Until that extensive work is completed, the County is developing a temporary road for residents to drive in and out of their neighborhood.

"We made good progress on that today," he said. "We got a couple more easements we have to get signed off on. Once we get those easements signed, we can start work on that temporary access for those folks, and be a huge relief for those neighbors."

A relief especially for residents like Jensen.

"They're working very quickly and very hard to accommodate every need we might have, so, it's wonderful."

Original Story:

A sinkhole in a Columbia County neighborhood continues to grow.

Lakestone Court in the Barrington Subdivision is was originally closed on Monday when heavy rains and flooding caused part of the road to cave in.

A new hole re-opened Wednesday afternoon when residents noticed dirt eroding away into the pipe beneath the roadway.

Crews have spent Wednesday and Thursday contacting residents to let them know the road would be closed again. Some residents even parked their cars on the other side of the hole to ensure they have a way to leave home in the event the entire road collapses.

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