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Coast Guard urges boaters to prepare ahead of storm

ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. – The Coast Guard urges boaters to start early to secure their vessels ahead of severe weather.

The Coast Guard offered these storm prep tips for boaters:

  • If an evacuation is issued, take heed and know the evacuation routes.
  • Don't take a recreational boat out to sea if you know a tropical system is approaching.
  • Contact your local marinas to ask for advice and the best methods for securing your vessel.
  • Ensure boating gear is properly stowed or tied down such as life jackets and life rafts to keep them from going adrift during storms.
  • Take action now. The effects of a tropical system can be felt well in advance of the storm itself and can prevent the safe completion of preparations.
  • After the storm passes, check with local authorities before entering any storm-damaged area. Do not rush to your boat - boat owners should not place themselves in danger in order to survey damage.
  • Do not try to reach your boat if it has been forced into the water and is surrounded by debris. Wait until authorities have made safe access available.
  • Do not try to board a partially sunken boat; seek assistance from a salvage professional.
  • Stay clear of beaches. Even the best swimmers can fall victim to the strong waves and rip currents. Swimmers are urged to stay clear of beaches until local officials say the water is safe.
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