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SAT Results Disappoint Superintendent

Chatham County superintendent John O'Sullivan is disappointed and baffled by the recent SAT scores. The scores dropped this year, 19 points in verbal and ten points in math. Georgia now ranks 49th in the nation when it comes to SAT scores.

Next year a new SAT will be issued to students, and O'Sullivan says for the first time the school will be proactive in watching who is taking the test and tracking whether the students have completed the proper classes which prepare them.

"What we're going to start doing is say, 'Here is what is required to do well on the exam,'" said O'Sullivan. "We're going to ask students are they prepared and have them sign a piece of paper."

O'Sullivan still encourages all students to take the exam next year. The last time the current SAT will be administered is in December of this year.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,

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