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Alligators on the roam in Coastal Empire and Lowcountry

Alligators -- looking for love in all the wrong places.

There have been several 'gator stories on WTOC in the past month -- one with a tennis ball stuck in its mouth at J.F. Gregory Park in Richmond Hill and another behind a home daycare in Port Wentworth.

It's 'gator mating season -- and Savannah's Trapper Jack Douglas says it's the busiest one he's seen in his quarter century of trapping in the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry.

When WTOC interviewed him Friday, he had a four-footer in the back of his pickup, plucked from behind the Home Source rental store off U.S. 80 in Garden City.

"He was at their back door," Jack said. "And they were afraid someone might step on him."

Jack says that during mating season, males leave their watery homes and crawl across busy highways to try and find love in another pond, river, marsh or stream.

Just this week, he's gotten three 'gators out of local roads -- plus a seven-footer in a woman's Liberty City yard and one at Savannah Tank and Manufacturing off Telfair Road.

"One of the guys got there that morning, stepped out of the car and it was in his parking place," Jack said.

He thinks Tropical Storm Andrea has something to do with why he's been so busy this week.

"That when we get a lot of calls, during a rain or right after a big rain."

The biggest 'gator Jack has trapped was a 13-footer, weighing in at 800 pounds.

He advises anyone who spots an alligator on the roam to call police. They'll call him.

If it's smaller than 6 feet, Jack will re-locate it to a safe spot away from humans. If it's larger, it will be killed and its meat and skin sold.

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