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Editorial - 6/10/13

Terrific news from the Great State of Texas, where both houses of the state legislature passed overwhelmingly, as in just two votes shy of acclimation, a bill, effective this fall, that returns (quote): "traditional winter celebrations" to the state's public schools.  Translation:  Christmas trees, menorahs, and even nativity scenes, can now be displayed, so that students might learn more about the history of these traditions, fundamental to America.  The only restrictions:  at least two religions, or secular imagery must be included in any displays, and teachers may not advocate for one religion over another.

As you might expect, the Texas ACLU isn't happy.  Regardless, with the two religion minimum for school displays, plus allowance for secular symbolism, and the firm prohibition on proselytizing by school personnel, the law has been carefully-crafted to avoid any sense of religious "establishment." 

And do remember, the First Amendment prohibits only Congress from "establishing" a national religion.  It doesn't mention a classroom, or an entire school district, for that matter.  Busting through the blockade of political correctness, and the profoundly-flawed interpretation of the right of religious freedom in America, this is a welcome blast of fresh air and long-overdue common sense.  May the ACLU more properly turn its attention to the freedom-devouring, federal-government agencies' invasion of citizen rights.  And may the religious convictions of the vast majority of Georgia and South Carolina residents encourage our two-state legislators to follow the bold-lead of Texas in removing at least this one aspect of PC-foolishness.  Long past time we turned that bogus "holiday tree" into Yule-tide kindling.

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