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Evacuees Involved in Chatham County Wreck

With all the traffic flowing out of Florida, there were bound to be some accidents. There was a three-car pile-up on Highway 204 and Grove Point in Chatham County last night. Police say one car swerved and slammed into another in the turning lane, pushing it into yet another.

Fortunately, no one seriously hurt. But people in two of the cars were evacuating from Florida, trying to find a hotel for the night. 

"I have my two kids in the car and all our worldly possessions and now there just laying here in the road," said evacuee Diane Fehr. "I don't know if I have a house to go home to and now I don't have a car. I'm standing in the middle of the road in Georgia where I know no one."

The accident was cleaned up after an hour and traffic was flowing again.

Reported by: Katie Pike, kpike@wtoc.com

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