InSITE--Strange Journeys & Strangers Pictures

It's a little strange, but pretty cool in some ways. The organizers bought some cheap disposable cameras, dressed them up, gave them names, and then gave them away. The result is PhotoTag. The cameras are all named after animals. The rule is, take one picture, and pass the camera on to a total stranger. Ideally, the camera then moves on to a totally different place.

Here's an example. The camera named "shark." A guy in Alaska was first in line, the project sent it to him, and he promptly forgot about it. When he remembered, he headed out to a tourist attraction, the world's tallest Santa Claus, and snapped a shot. There's another of a display at an Air Force base, and from there it gets strange. Several shots, bad shots, in a post office. There's actually a journal that tells the story, this one fairly short, about who took the pictures, and where and how.

A little more interesting, the "toad" camera. Toad started out in Chicago, went for a ride on a giant Ferris wheel on the lakefront, then changed owners. Some typical tourist shots, then off again. Toad wound up in Hawaii, at Pearl Harbor. And then the beach at Waikiki. Not bad for a toad. They have a whole page of camera statistics, and this is interesting. They "released" forty cameras into the wild. Only six made it home. The shortest journey, just under two months, the longest, right at two years.

That's "turtle" by the way. No wonder he's so slow getting home. Check this out. Turtle went to India. A couple of interesting shots, but I want more story! It could be your turn. There are still 34 cameras out there, and one of them might make it to your hands. Keep your eyes open for strangers bearing gifts, and give a little something back.