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InSITE--Castles on Your Computer!

A few years ago I was in Bosnia covering the 3rd Infantry Division's peacekeeping efforts there, and on an afternoon off, visited a castle. I never did get the straight story on the castle. It's abandoned, and in bad shape, no historical markers. So I started a search. Pretty quickly, I found my castle. Srebrenik Castle to be specific. Here's what it looks like driving up. A closer view with some facts. Built in the 1300's, then conquered by the Turks 200 years later. Now sort of a party spot in the wild for kids and falling down. Very little historic preservation yet in a country still coping with the aftermath of civil war.

But the bigger story now is the site I found it on. Castles on the Web. I don't normally point out ads on web sites, but these caught my eye. Along the top of the page, all the ads are castle related. Castle travel, castle weddings and castle toys. But into the meat. It has hundreds of castle pictures, pretty places, as you'd expect. Some you may not have expected, like this one, Frankenstein, in Germany. Yes. Frankenstein.

There's a collection of castle features, things you know, like moats, and things you probably don't, like shell keeps. What's a keep? Look it up on the castle glossary. It's a strong stone tower. If you've wondered about castles, here's the place to get your answers, a very civilized discussion board for the serious students to kids doing school projects or folks who maybe yearn for the really good, or at least really old days. They'll also take you to other castles, like this one in Scotland. Click your way through a virtual tour. You can even send a castle postcard,pick the picture and write a note.

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