InSITE--Talking Time!

Playing With Time is a very cool site, and an educational project. You want to go right to the "things to do section," and click into the "gallery". Don't tell the kids, but they just might learn something if they read the information that goes with the pictures. Let's get you started with a bang. Slow motion of a firecracker. Light the fuse, the ends explode first, then the center. This is 100,000 times slower than in the real world.

Want to speed things up a little? How about a forest renewing itself after a forest fire? Start with charred ashes, and watch over 20 years as the woods grow again. Yep. They took photos of the same spot for two decades and then put it all together on computer.

Since you might be in the kitchen right now, watching us, watch this carefully. It's what happens when you drop a glass in the kitchen. The glass drops faster than the liquid, so it comes out, the glass hits the floor, then bounces. It doesn't break until it hits the cabinet.

Since we broke something, let's make something. A pot on a potters wheel. Think the movie "Ghost" without Demi Moore.

One more every day object you've never seen like this, your typical spray can, slow it down 1,000, and see how it really comes out.

A portrait studio took photos of a woman all through her life, the project merged them all together so show us how she aged.

There's also an activity page where you can play with their pictures. My favorite is the water balloon. You can slow it down or space it out, really playing with time.