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Twitter explodes with tweets about first drug experience


People put everything on social media nowadays, from how they're feeling to what they're having for lunch. But what about their first time being high on drugs?

On the left-hand side of Twitter's homepage, you'll see trends that people are posting about. Thursday, people were trending about the U.S. Open, Rupert Murdoch's soon to be ex-wife - and the first time they got high.

With a hash tag and five simple words, "my first time being high," the "Twitterverse" is exploding with anecdotes of drug use.

"Once that's out there, you cannot rein it back in," said Shawn Gallo, a counselor with the Calvary Center.

He has been treating drug addiction among young adults for 21 years and personally struggled with addiction in his adolescent years. He said he's shocked people are posting their experiences with drugs for the world to see.

"What does that mean to your football coach? The basketball coach? The cheerleading coach? A prospective employer years down the road?" Gallo asked.

One tweet reads, "#myfirsttimebeinghigh was in 7th grade, ooh I was such a good kid."

Another reads, "#myfirsttimebeinghigh I thought I had schizophrenia, way too paranoid."

People are also posting pictures of flying dogs and stick figures with bloodshot eyes."

"It tends to be perceived as kind of a funny situation, which if there weren't all of the consequences attached to it as there can be, I wouldn't be as concerned about it, obviously," Gallo said.

So while the counselor in Gallo definitely doesn't approve of this Twitter trend, what does the average person think?

"I think that's pretty insane for having everybody putting that stuff for everybody to see, family members, police officers," said Alejandro Topete.

"It could be a detriment to their employment," said Donna Holbura.

"It's not something I would put out there, but it's in the past," said Heidi Ernst. "They can't take you to jail for it because you smoked a joint in college."

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